Forward Looking Srl is the Company' owned by Tecnoest Srl which carries out an activity 'data entry to implement the service transmission to member. It equipped with a structure with multiple workstations, where operators enter into the data-base of the Italian program, with the intention to integrate the Republic of Moldova in the European system. The Forward Looking Srl has developed a research project, entry and transmission of procurement procedures launched in Moldova and Romania, to develop the technical skills of a territory which needs and and 'in constant search for novelty', development and innovation. The mentioned service is aimed at both Italian companies associated to the Moldovan enterprises.

Our company is able to organize training and organizational planning of routes with your presence in Moldova, all supported by back-office procedures and personnel available. As detailed below, we can provide you:

Organization of your stay

Indication of hotels, restaurants, and its pick-up service

Information on legislation

Clarification of domicile, tax and fiscal system operating in Moldova, taxation on profits; Legal information

Important contacts

Organization meetings at institutions such as the Italian Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce Moldo-Italian.

Business office with secretarial

Our staff present in Chisinau will be constantly on hand to provide you translation services, interpreting and secretarial held at our office in Moldova. In addition we are able to get in touch with companies and local professionals, support you in the search for commercial partners and qualified staff to provide you advice on tax and accounting in partnership with an Italian study.


Interview to 'Director: Valerio Luigi Pelusi

And 'born of previous experiences with other companies' operating in related industries in the region and after a thorough personal analysis I set myself the goal of extending the service nationwide.
The objectives are to expand our service with a European scene and also to integrate Moldova which we expect to be the next entry in the Community 'European. In addition we also consider the expansion of other types of services, such as quality 'ISO 9001 Certifications - 14001 and environmental standards in order to allow Europeans to the products and services offered by Moldova.
We had an interesting finding about this issue, the system of bids and 'almost' identical, the place of publication of a contract with the maturity dates, amounts and other technical data equivalent to those Italians.
I think, and I expect a great experience and the ability 'to offer considerable opportunities' both to Italian companies wishing to extend their operability' in Moldova and at the same time provide a growth stimulus to the Moldovan companies to acquire new technologies and specializations that can give opportunities 'work to young Moldovans, without having to emigrate for the noticeable lack of work in the local area.